Ways to Improve Your Brand Visibility with a Custom Marquee

April 30,2020

If your business is typically present in expos, community events, trade shows, and other events, it may be able to stand out well with a custom marquee made to showcase your brand. That can be a cost-effective way to maintain your business presence at those events too, while increasing brand awareness and attracting new prospects to your business. The challenge is making sure that your brand can easily be seen, especially since there may be other companies using custom printed marquees. That said, here are ways to improve the visibility of your brand with a printed marquee:

  • Go for a high-quality product – Find a reputable supplier of custom printed marquees in Australia and make sure that they are known for providing high-quality products. Explore their selection of marquees too, as some options come with a backdrop and walls, which may be useful if you want those extra features to also show your logo and business name.
  • Proper design is crucial – How your custom marquee is designed can make or break its ability to attract attention. Make sure that your brand or logo can easily be spotted and that it can stand out from the background colour. Moreover, make sure it is placed on the roof, apart from the sides, if there are any.
  • Use high-quality frames – Flimsy frames collapse and make potential customers associate you with a cheap and lousy product. So, make sure that the marquee comes with a heavy-duty aluminium frame.
  • Ensure a reliable printing process – You will want to use the custom marquee in many other events, so choose a printing process that ensures a long-lasting design. Reputable suppliers use full-colour dye-sublimation with UV-resistant inks, which should not fade easily.
  • Choose better material – Durable custom printed marquees are made of 600D grade Oxford fabrics, which are fireproof, UV-resistant, and waterproof. This ensures that your marquee will not easily be damaged during an event or while in storage.
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