Transform Your Advertising from Drab to Fabulous with Feather Flags

June 17,2023

Visibility is important for any business, but it’s not enough to simply put up a sign with your logo. While larger signs can often be more attention-grabbing, they may not always be feasible, especially in areas with limited space. Feather flags can be a good choice in such situations.

Feather flags (also known as feather banners) serve as effective tools to enhance your business’s visibility. These vibrant and eye-catching flags can be easily noticed by passersby, helping draw attention to your business. They’re a nice addition to your traditional signage, ensuring that potential customers don’t miss out on recognising your business, whether passing by on foot or in a vehicle.

Cost-effective signage

Custom feather flags don’t cost much to make and can last long, so they offer more value for your advertising budget. With the right supplier, you can get high-quality ones with fibreglass pole reinforcement that lends a sleek black outline to each banner. If you’re worried about them toppling over and snapping on windy days, rest assured that fibreglass poles are flexible and strong. Plus, your design will be printed on high-quality, super 110g knitted polyester fabric via dye sublimation method to ensure vibrant and lasting results.

Customise your flags

How do you want your flag to look? Reputable manufacturers can finish it straight, concave, angled, or convex. In addition, they offer options for a spike or cross base. With your custom design, your feather flags will help your business stand out and become more noticeable. Want more impact? Consider a double-sided print so onlookers can easily find your business from any direction.

Versatile advertising solution

Feather banners are perfect for outdoor events, expos, and other occasions where you want more customers to find your business at a glance. With our help at Pull Up Banners Australia, you can get high-quality printed flags with superb colour matching and richer, deeper colour contrasts.

Make your business stand out now!

Call (03) 9505 6399 to know more about our custom feather flags today, or send us an online enquiry! The Pull Up Banners Australia team is ready to assist. Our banner flags all come with a lifetime warranty for the epoxy fibreglass poles and a luxury carry bag.

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