At this time of year we have a couple of teams out of the office hitting as many tradeshows as we can.  Tradeshows have always been an opportunity for us to increase public awareness of what our company does and serves as an effective means to get more customers.  It is a valuable way for us to drive business to our store and we take each show very seriously.

Adding a printed tablecloth has made a real difference

That wasn’t always the case.

When we were first starting out, we thought that slapping some products on our table at a tradeshow was enough of a presentation.  But we quickly learned that first impressions were key, and since then we have been tweaking our displays to make sure that we catch the eye of those passing our booth in an attempt to draw them in.

It is a continual work-in-progress.

One of the biggest tweaks that we have used this year with great results has been printed tablecloths.  We had some colourful ones created that showcase our logo.  It adds a certain professionalism to our booth and we have had some good feedback.  We are still testing whether the lighter or darker version works better and we’ll have a better idea after the last couple of tradeshows here in the spring.  Adding a printed tablecloth has made a real difference in the number of people that come up to our table at these shows and we have been able to increase the number of people coming to talk to us by over 20%.

It has been a real success.

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