Tips for Choosing Colors for Your Graphical Display

July 31,2014

To attract your audience, the use of appropriate colors for your graphical display is as important as the conveyed message. Colors not only impact the visibility of a banner but they also help in creating the brand recognition. Some of the tips that might come in handy before you choose a color scheme for the banners are discussed below.

Clarity in the text

The most important part of the banner is its text. If the message you want to put across is not legible, then the purpose of using a banner is defeated. The color used for writing the message should not be similar to the background color so that the message can be read easily from the distance. For example, use of yellow and white together makes reading the text difficult.

Color Relevance

The psychology behind the colors must be kept in mind. In different societies same color may convey different messages. For example, red color in Chinese culture represents good luck and it is used heavily in festivals whereas in other countries it’s a sign of danger.


If you have a product or service that caters to older people, then use of bright colors may not be appropriate. Conversely, younger audience may relate to bright colors more than the bland colors. In any case, the use of colors in banners must be kept to a minimum so that it doesn’t conflict with the core message. Some of the companies in Melbourne provide professional advice to their customers on choosing the appropriate colors for their display banners.

Empty space

There is no need to fill your graphical display completely with colors. Blank spaces in white help in projecting the message as well constructed and organized. White background adds to the visibility of bright colors and gives a good color contrast.

Colors use to a minimum

Use of many colors in the same banner gives a disorientated look to the overall message. A banner should be eye catching but it must not look like a rainbow either. Many companies in Melbourne are experts in providing display banners with right color combination.

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