Reasons Why Promotional Tablecloths are an Ideal Advertising Tool

April 28,2020

Advertising experts recommend many ways to boost brand exposure and capture people’s attention during events and tradeshows. One of them is to use promotional tablecloths. These aren’t the usual fabrics for covering tables—they are custom tablecloths that are professionally printed with your business’ logo and other designs.

You may be wondering: How exactly can branded tablecloths benefit your overall marketing efforts?

Make your booth be more noticeable

Tradeshows are ‘noisy’ places, with hundreds of businesses competing for attention. The most successful booths do a lot of things to make themselves stand out. One effective way to ensure that your booth is noticed is to use branded tablecloths. Visual images have always been effective elements that capture attention. This is the very reason why tablecloths alongside banners are amazing promotional tools.

An alternative to marquees and tents

Did the event manager say you cannot set up a marquee or a tent in your booth? Not a problem. Even if they will only give you a table, you can still make your booth look professional and unique from others with your custom tablecloths. Choose from a variety of tablecloths for promotions depending on the size and shape of your table. These include stretched tablecloths, fitted tablecloths, and tabletop covers.

Reinforce your brand message

Branded tablecloths not only transform booths to make them look more appealing. Their main purpose is to support your overall brand message too. Using tablecloths, you can put your brand in front of your target market. You can ensure that people attending the event see your business. Promotional tablecloths work like name tags that allow people to easily identify the participating businesses and brands in an event. By printing high-resolution design elements and images, you can help people know what your booth is all about.

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