Reasons behind the Popularity of Pop up Banners

July 31,2014

Pop up banners provide multiple benefits over traditional banners and are extensively used in the advertising world. These banners are instant promotional displays and with their unique spring action set-up, these are up for use in no time. Some of the advantages of this banner over other banners types are discussed below.

Minimal set-up time

It requires less set-up time than most of the banners used for advertising. It has a retractable system that needs the graphical panel to be pulled from the base and slot it into a telescopic pole. This assembly requires minimal effort and time.

High portability

This banner is extremely light and compact which makes them extremely useful for transportation. It can easily be packed with the help of retractable system used in these banners. If the banner has to be used at multiple locations, then the portability factor becomes extremely important and hence, it is well-suited for such situations.


The fabric used for making graphical panel is designed to last for a long period of time and has high durability. The base and the frame of the retractable system are generally made up of aluminium that not only make the structure sturdy but it also makes it extremely light. There are some good banner companies in Melbourne that ensure these pop-up banners provide high durability and longevity.

Space advantage

It can be set-up in a minimal amount of space and are best suited for events & exhibitions where space is a big issue. The banner takes minimum amount of floor space which can be effectively used for interacting with the potential customers or for other promotional activities. It is narrow and high which gives good visibility to the exhibition stall.

Reconfigurable & Versatile

It is easily reconfigurable and come in variety of sizes and shapes. The banner can be horizontal, vertical, square, round, backdrop, or instant canopies. Two or more of them can be used together to change shape and orientation. Many companies in Melbourne provide different types of pop up banners at excellent price point.

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