Promote Your Brand with Attractive Printed Feather Banners

February 15,2020


Banners or flags have long been used for promotions. What a lot of businesses don’t know is that they now come in different shapes and styles, and among them most popular ones are printed feather banners. You might be wondering: What exactly are they and why you should include them in your arsenal of marketing tools?

1. They attract attention

Feather flags are exactly what their name implies-they are large and colourful flags in the shape of feathers, and they are designed to flutter in the breeze. Their unique appearance makes them attractive and easily noticeable in tradeshows, charity parties, exhibits, and other marketing events.

2. They are portable and easy to install

Aside from reaching more audiences, feather flags are also wonderful marketing tools in terms of logistics. They are easy to install and store when not in use. They are lightweight and portable, making it easier to move them to different locations.

3. They are inexpensive

Working with a limited budget? Not a problem. Feather banners are cheap. It will not cost you a lot of money to produce printed feather banners every time you have new promotions and products. That’s why small business owners love them.

Ready to try them? We have sone tips on how you can use feather flags to promote your brand.

First of all, try to use different colours of feather flags. One feather flag may not be enough to draw people to your business. To attract more attention, you can surround your booth with feather flags in different bright colours. Make sure to leave enough spacing in between the flags so that the messages can be read properly.

You can also create sequential banners. Try to spell out the name of your business, products, or a short phrase using feather flags to create a dramatic effect. This is one strategic way to hook people and make them curious.

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