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    Spike Base + Poles + Print
    Product Code Size Print Area Price 1 – 2 Price 3 – 9 Price 10+
    TBS-2.40-1SP Small – 2400mm 1 Side Print $110.00 $100.00 $90.00
    TBS-2.40-2SP Small – 2400mm 2 Side Print $130.00 $120.00 $110.00
    TBS-3.00-1SP Medium – 3000mm 1 Side Print $135.00 $125.00 $115.00
    TBS-3.00-2SP Medium – 3000mm 2 Side Print $155.00 $145.00 $135.00
    TBS-4.20-1SP Large – 4200mm 1 Side Print $165.00 $155.00 $145.00
    TBS-4.20-2SP Large – 4200mm 2 Side Print $195.00 $185.00 $175.00
    Prices do not include GST or Freight.
    Cross Base + Poles + Print
    Product Code Size Print Area Price 1 – 2 Price 3 – 9 Price 10+
    TBC-2.40-1SP Small – 2400mm 1 Side Print $130.00 $120.00 $110.00
    TBC-2.40-2SP Small – 2400mm 2 Side Print $150.00 $140.00 $130.00
    TBC-3.00-1SP Medium – 3000mm 1 Side Print $155.00 $145.00 $135.00
    TBC-3.00-2SP Medium – 3000mm 2 Side Print $175.00 $165.00 $155.00
    TBC-4.20-1SP Large – 4200mm 1 Side Print $185.00 $175.00 $165.00
    TBC-4.20-2SP Large – 4200mm 2 Side Print $215.00 $205.00 $195.00
    Prices do not include GST or Freight.


    Product Code EXTRA Price
    WB-5 Waterbag $9.00
    SIMS-10 Spike $32.00
    MFL-2 Flag Holder $35.00
    HDCB-7 Cross Base – 4kg $90.00
    Prices do not include GST or Freight.

    Want an advertising solution that makes your business stand out? Look no further than our teardrop banners in Melbourne! With their unique shape, they serve as the perfect canvas for showcasing your logo and representing your brand using a custom image while avoiding excessive text. This makes them the ideal choice for promoting anything with a specific marketing message.Elevate your brand visibility and attract attention at any event or location with our eye-catching teardrop banners. Whether you’re using them from a trade show, outdoor event, or any promotional campaign, our teardrop banners are designed to make a lasting impact and effectively communicate your marketing message.

    What makes our teardrop banners better than others?

    Here at Pull Up Banners Australia, you can order a teardrop banner in a wide range of sizes to meet every requirement. We make them according to the highest standards, with fibreglass reinforcement and pole pockets that add a distinct, stylish black outline on the edge of the flags. Our fibreglass poles are flexible and strong with ergonomic polished aluminium collar pole segment ends.

    When it comes to your artwork, we utilize the dye sublimation method to print it on super 100g knitted polyester fabric. Our teardrop banner flags are typically printed single-sided with a 70% mirror image on the back, but we also offer the option of a double-sided print to ensure your brand message is visible from all angles.

    Choose your base and extras

    We offer teardrop banners in Sydney with two different bases: spike base and cross base. Both options are great and will help your teardrop flags stand tall. But for extra security, we can supply a water bag or a heavier cross base (4kg) for a fee. Do you need small, medium, and large feather banner poles, flag holders, and spikes? You don’t have to look elsewhere because we provide them at reasonable prices.

    Take your display anywhere!

    We always provide a carry case for our teardrop flags in Melbourne, so you can easily store and transport them anywhere. It’s made of 600 denier polyester to ensure a durable and reliable case for storing and transporting your teardrop banner flags. In addition, we guarantee durable 100% epoxy fibreglass poles with a lifetime warranty on our teardrop banners for worry-free use.

    Get peace of mind when you buy our teardrop flags

    To ensure a worry-free purchase, we offer the following warranties for teardrop banners in Melbourne:

    • 1-year warranty on the sail sign base, soft case, and water ballast
    • Lifetime hardware warranty
    • 90-day graphic warranty for outdoor use
    • 1-year graphic warranty for indoor use


    Don’t hesitate to send an enquiry or call (03) 9505 6399 to know more about our warranties.

    Order high-quality teardrop banner flags today!

    Do you have specific teardrop banner requirements? Just let us know, and we’ll bring your vision to life! Our dedicated team not only guarantees high-quality products but also prioritizes top-notch customer service. With clear and reliable communication, we ensure all your needs are met. Additionally, we provide cost-effective and secure delivery services to ensure your order reaches you promptly. Rest assured that your requirements will be fulfilled on time. We’re here to assist you every step of the way in creating the perfect teardrop banners for your brand!