Rectangle Banner

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Our Rectangle Banner can be printed single-sided with a 70% mirror image or Double-sided for a stronger looking feel.

Spike Base + Poles + Print
Product Code Size Print Area Price 1 Price 2 – 4 Price 5 – 9
RSPG-2.1-1SP Small 65cm x 155cm $125.00 $120.00 $115.00
RSPG-2.1-2SP Small 65cm x 155cm $145.00 $140.00 $135.00
RSPG-3.0-1SP Medium 65cm x 240cm $160.00 $155.00 $150.00
RSPG-3.0-2SP Medium 65cm x 240cm $185.00 $180.00 $175.00
RSPG-4.2-1SP Large 65cm x 340cm $200.00 $195.00 $190.00
RSPG-4.2-2SP Large 65cm x 340cm $235.00 $230.00 $225.00
Cross Base + Poles + Print + Waterbag
Product Code Size Print Area Price 1 Price 2 – 4 Price 5 – 9
RCPG-2.1-1SP Small 65cm x 155cm $145.00 $140.00 $135.00
RCPG-2.1-2SP Small 65cm x 155cm $165.00 $160.00 $155.00
RCPG-3.0-1SP Medium 65cm x 240cm $180.00 $175.00 $170.00
RCPG-3.0-2SP Medium 65cm x 240cm $205.00 $200.00 $195.00
RCPG-4.2-1SP Large 65cm x 340cm $220.00 $215.00 $210.00
RCPG-4.2-1SP Large 65cm x 340cm $255.00 $255.00 $240.00
Prices do not include GST or Freight. Please confirm final price when ordering.
All prices are based on currency rates of exchange and are subject to change without prior notice.

Product Code EXTRA Price
WB-5 Water Bag $8.00
SIMS-10 Spike $25.00
MFL-2 Flag Holder $30.00
HDCB-7 Cross Base – 4kg $45.00
HMP-5kg Heavy Metal Plate – 5kg $95.00
FB-P-S Feather Banner Poles Small $40.00
FB-P-M Feather Banner Poles Medium $50.00
FB-P-L Feather Banner Poles Large $60.00
Prices do not include GST or Freight.

These flag rectangle banners are an extremely versatile marketing tool for outdoor events. Our double-sided printed flags consist of a strong fibreglass sectioned pole and our superior methods of printing means that every one of our flags is manufactured to the highest standard. Each rectangle banner is water-base digitally dye printed in-house resulting in excellent colour matching and deep, rich colour contrasts. We also offer different bases depending on where you need to have your teardrop banner flying. Each banner comes packed in its own luxury carry bag.

The banners can be supplied with different base options but the most liked are the inground spikeĀ or a heavy cross base with a FREE water bag.