Custom Made Flags

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Digitally printed Custom Made Flags are available in 2 different Polyester material 100D or 200D.
Printing on flags can be done single side with 70-80% mirror image or double-sided with an internal block out. All flags are finished with two rows of stitching on all 4 sides.

Product Code Size
CF-40 40cm x 60cm
CF-60 60cm x 90cm
CF-75 75cm x 120cm
CF-90 90cm x 150cm
CF-120 120cm x 180cm
CF-SIZE Custom Made to Size

For long term outdoor use, it is recommended to use a strong outdoor material like polyester. This material has a higher tolerance for wind, rain and other adverse conditions.

Sun light can also affect the longevity of a flag as colours will begin to fade over time. UV coated ink and materials will help protect against fading, but direct sun light will eventually affect the vibrancy of the printed colours.

The flag time of a flag is dependent upon not only the material and production methods but largely on the environment and care it is given. The average life span of a flag is between 3-6 months.


  1. Sleeve Pocket so you can insert a pole into the sleeve.

flag with sleeve pocket

  1. Rope and Sister Clip

rope with sister clip

  1. Eyelets – We can add on any 4 sides as per your request.

flag eyelets

  1. Rope Loops

flag Rope Loops