10ft Magnetic Straight Pop Up Display (3500mm x 2300mm)

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This magnetic straight 10FT pop up display is an incredibly versatile solution for your display needs! Graphic panels and graphic casewraps are printed on a rollable, high quality material. It showcases your graphics on the display’s flat face, serving as an eye-catching backdrop to any exhibit and presentation. Pop-up graphics have magnet strips on the back for attaching to a heavy duty frame. The oval shipping case comes with a printed graphic casewrap to turn the case into a branded counter.

Complete Package Includes

  • 1 Standard curved aluminium frame
  • 21 Single channel aluminium bars with magnetic strips
  • 2 canvas transport bag(one set of bag for channel bars)
  • 6 pcs PVC Graphic
  • 1 counter top
  • 1 high resolution full color podium graphic panel

Optional: 2pcs Led Lights

10FT Display Size: 350cm W X 230cm H X 31cmD
Graphic: 430cm W X 230cm H
Case: 70cm W X 100cm H X 40cm D