Media Wall Backdrop

A media wall backdrop is a familiar sight at red-carpet events, typically featuring the logos and brand names of sponsors. But this versatile display can serve various purposes beyond such events. It can also be used for photo shoots, exhibitions, and trade show booths. If you require a pop-up media wall banner for any of these occasions, our team at Pull Up Banners Australia is here to help. We have experts who can design a media wall backdrop that effectively showcases your brand and conveys your marketing message with precision.

What backdrop do you need?

We carry various types of media wall backdrops to suit any display needs. Here is a quick overview of our selection:

Extend Display Banner

Are you in need of an economical, space-saving, and versatile media backdrop banner for your showroom or reception area? Look no further! Introducing our Extend Display Banners. They’re not only budget-friendly but also lightweight and effortless to set up. Our printing process involves using the dye-sublimation method on stretch fabric, ensuring that your design will look sharp and vibrant no matter from which angle your banner is viewed. These banners are the top choice for customers seeking an innovative and cost-effective solution to gain visibility for their brand at trade shows and expos.

Media Backdrop Walls

Our media backdrop walls are the best portable displays you’ll ever find! They are easy to set up and lightweight, making them easy to bring and use anywhere. For flawless graphics, we use wrinkle-resistant polyester stretch fabric and full-colour dye sublimation printing. We can also supply two LED lights to draw more attention to your display!

Curve Media Backdrop Wall

Looking for a more impactful display? Our curve media wall is a great choice. It’s lightweight and quick and easy to set up for a trouble-free display. Anyone can assemble it in 5-10 minutes without special tools. These backdrop walls come with an industrial zipper to hold the fabric tight and ensure a smooth and flawless surface.

Fabric Pop-Up Display

Do you need a cost-effective and vibrant backdrop you can change easily on a whim? Try our fabric pop-up display. We offer it in two sizes and four varieties, with or without sides. We use high-quality polyester fabric for this product, so it’s easy and fast to interchange graphics when you need different large backdrops.

Fabric Arch Display

Are you looking for an attractive feature to go with your custom media wall in Melbourne? Our portable fabric arch display should do the trick. We can do a single- or double-sided dye-sublimation print and supply robust aluminium tubing to keep the arch in place.

Fabric arch displays make for eye-catching entryways for special occasions, like weddings or sporting events. Moreover, you can use them as focal points for upcoming exhibitions or trade show booths, effectively drawing more attention to your business and products.

Check out our range of media backdrop walls now!

Not sure which media wall backdrop to use? Call +63 3 9505 6399 or send an enquiry online and our expert team will assist you! We can recommend the best pop-up media wall banner to suit your specific requirements. Rest assured, no matter what you choose, we will deliver your media wall promptly in Melbourne or wherever you are in Australia.

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