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There is no doubting the fact that brand presence is one of the most crucial aspects in the area of strengthening the recall factor in your desired audience. While you have the option to go in for expensive branding options, choosing counter display or a pop up media wall or a pop up counter is one of the most cost-effective means to create attractive branding at events, occasions, in the offices, at the lobby, exhibitions, conferences, press meets, launch parties and more.

But creating pop up display is not really a layman’s job. A lot of professional expertise and competence is required to design, use the right colours and tones, layout, fabric of material to be able to create magical stand and pop up media walls.

This is why you need to hire the services of specialists like Pull Up Banners Australia so that you are able to get the right mix of banners, pop up stand and counter display in Sydney and Melbourne.

We offer you flexibility in terms of the material, design, creativity, schedule and delivery time, installation support services, and of course, superior pricing that help our clients maximize their returns meaningfully. We believe in handholding from the start so that you are able to take well-informed decision and create the work with a unique personalized finesse.

Pop up counter display is a retailer’s one of the most used and trusted promotional tools. Use them to their maximum capacity with a well-prepared and professionally presented pop stand and media wall in Sydney and Melbourne from Pull Up Banners, Australia.

Custom Promotional Pop Up Counter Displays in Melbourne

At Pull Up Banners Australia, we’re proud to offer a range of custom counter displays to help you promote and sell your products. Our pop up counter sets are an uncomplicated, affordable and successful way of promoting your brand at trade shows, retail stores, weddings, corporate functions and many other events. Whether you’re launching a new product and need a portable display counter or you simply want to promote your brand, we can help you create a funky and functional pop up counter display that’s attractive and impressive.

Our range of promotional counter displays includes:

Fabric Pop Up Counter

The Fabric Pop Up Counter is a portable podium, ideal for exhibitions and events. Great for companies looking for a practical counter, that can also be used as a highly visible branding tool. With shelving inside the counter, this counter also offers a neat storage solution for sales literature.

Why Choose Our Counter Display Tops?

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose our custom counter displays:

  • They’re quick and easy to set up, with no tools needed
  • They come in a handy carrying bag to make transport between events easy
  • We never use poor quality materials and we don’t sacrifice quality in the process, so you can be confident of a great result every time
  • Each pop up counter display is full colour dye sublimation printed
  • They’re made from 100% polyester fabric that’s SGS certified, wrinkle-free, fire resistant and machine washable
  • The minimum order amount is 1

Set up your business anywhere with a custom display counter from Pull Up Banners Australia! This versatile counter is perfect for trade shows and various events where you want a convenient and effective method to showcase your products and engage with customers. Unlike conventional exhibit tables, our counter display stand is compact, portable, and incredibly easy to assemble. Plus, our custom pop-up display stands feature full-colour graphics of your preferred design.

How easy is it to set up our display counter? It takes only two minutes, so you’ll be ready in no time. Our fabric counter display stand will keep your brand visible and looking professional throughout the event.

Do you need a larger countertop?

Check out our wide counter display stands. It’s very popular with food and beverage merchants and businesses looking for a great pop-up display for promotions and presentations. Our stylish pop-up display stands also have interlocking laminated shelves for holding your supplies during your exhibit.

Learn More About Our Promotional Counter Displays Today

To find out more about our counter pop up solutions, get in touch with Pull Up Banners Australia today. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and provide friendly advice to help you select the best pop up exhibition counter display or store counter for your needs.

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