Our Guide on How to Use Pop Up Display Effectively for Promotion Purposes

May 28,2022

Generic and unbranded pieces of furniture may be widely available and cheap, but they can’t do anything to promote your business during events. That’s why discerning businesses use pop up display counters to enhance their event booth or exhibition space while ensuring consistency in their branding efforts. A pop-up display can be custom made with your one-of-a-kind graphic design print that can complement your promotional efforts. Whether you’re promoting your business or focused on showcasing your latest products or services, you’ll find the perfect display that can help you achieve your objectives.

But, you need to make sure you’re using your custom pop-up display effectively to make it work. Below is a quick guide to help you with that:

Ensure a high-quality counter display

Choose a reputable and established company to make your pop-up displays, media walls, or counters. Specialists are flexible in terms of design, material, and creativity while ensuring timely delivery, installation support services, and reasonable prices. Reputable companies offer a range of custom counter displays, such as straight, wide, and fabric counters. They use the highest quality materials to ensure durability, and full-colour dye sublimation printing methods to produce your designs on 100 per cent polyester fabric that’s fire-resistant, wrinkle-free, machine-washable, and SGS certified.

Remember that design matters.

Consider other design elements for your pop-up display apart from the logo and business name. When you’re in an exhibition space, your business is instantly surrounded by others competing against it. To make your booth stand out, make sure your display counters can make an impact and capture the attention of your audience. You may want to work with the manufacturer’s design team to discuss logo placement, composition, and branding elements.

Go beyond showing your products.

Your pop-up display is not just for showcasing and selling your products. Use it to tell a story about your brand, and include a call to action. Make sure the display goes well with your exhibition space and other display banners for a cohesive look.

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