Making Lasting Memories with Custom Marquees for Every Occasion

June 11,2023

When it comes to creating a memorable customer experience at your booth during any event, setting the right atmosphere is key. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a custom marquee, also known as a tent, which serves as an effective medium for advertising and branding at outdoor events. A personalised pop-up tent allows your brand to stand out and provides a dedicated space for customer interaction.

But how exactly can custom marquees contribute to lasting impressions and memorable experiences? Here’s how:

Keep your staff comfortable.

Outdoor events can be exhausting for everyone, including your staff, especially when they don’t have proper shading against the elements. And when they’re tired, it affects their mood and prevents them from doing their best to entertain customers.

A custom marquee can provide instant shelter for you and your team to keep you comfortable and properly shielded from the harsh sun and rain. This way, you can minimise exhaustion. Just make sure the tent is made of anti-UV, fireproof, and waterproof high-grade 600D Oxford fabric for reliable all-weather protection.

Keep booth visitors comfortable.

How about creating dedicated areas for rest and cooling down? Marquees can provide reliable shelters for your customers or visitors, too. You could even serve refreshments and snacks to keep people relaxed. Just ensure marquees are customised with your company colours and logo to make a memorable and lasting impression.

Protect your goods

When selling at an event, you’ll want to ensure your goods are protected from the elements. A custom marquee can prevent direct exposure to the sun while protecting your products from the rain. You could even customise a marquee with side walls for added protection. With this in mind, consider designing the side walls with your logo for a consistent look with the rest of your booth.

Customise a high-quality branded marquee today!

Leave your custom marquee to our team here at Pull Up Banners Australia, and we’ll make sure it’s ready for your next event. We offer marquees in different sizes, with a wheeled carry case for easy and light transportation. Our marquees also have a three-year warranty on their frame. Enquire today!

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