Few Tips to Consider before Placing Exhibition Stand

June 23,2014

There are many people who invest in exhibition stand without considering the exhibiting needs. This mistake may result in a stand with very less space or a stand which interferes with easy flow of traffic. It does not matter if you have one of the best sales team, the exhibition stand must be planned carefully so that you allow your employees to do their best.
Clear Branding: Generally, exhibition halls are very crowded, so it is imperative to make your stand fully branded such that logo of your company is even visible from far distance. You must use exhibition display walls to ensure that audience is able to visualize the details of products and information related to your firm clearly.In these display walls, it is important to add your unique selling points (USPs) and key messages to explain about your company in a crisp manner. It will help you to create interest in the passerby to find out more information related to your brand.
Develop a strong graphic message – Try to use small messages. To attract more customers it is essential to ensure that who you are and what you offer is absolutely clear. You can utilize bullets to summarize your message. Try to place your message above one meter for clear visibility. Utilize colorful images to emphasize on what you are offering.
Avoid barriers: To increase onlookers to your stand, it is necessary to have sufficient space without any kind of barriers. Try to use an open plan and create space for meeting at the back of the stand. This arrangement will enable your staff to continue to attract more people to the front.
Light up: It is seen that most impressive stand can be totally dim without effective lighting. Lighting will make your stand more visible and invite more people. Colored lighting effects are also beneficial to maximize your presence. You can experiment with direction of light, intensity and color and many more.

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