Different Ways to Boost Your Business with Custom Printed Tablecloth

May 12,2022

Traditional displays and promotional materials like banners and professional signage are not the only ways to boost your business. In some instances, you may even find those costly in the long run. Some may even be bulky and inappropriate for some locations and events, such as trade shows and farmer’s markets. You’ll want to explore other means to increase brand awareness, such as using a custom printed tablecloth that proudly shows off your logo or business name.

Printed tablecloths are great for consistent branding and keeping your brand memorable during events. However, you might want to know more ways to use them to boost your business. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Place your logo on it.

Most people tend to notice logo tablecloths more effectively because of the size and placement of the design. Consider placing your logo on all sides of the tablecloth, including the tabletop, for consistency and effective brand recognition.

Add your tagline

Do you have a tagline? That should make it easier for customers to recall your business name. Consider associating your logo with a short catchphrase or a positive message.

Include your socials or website

custom printed tablecloth can grab people’s attention. Now you want to share ways for them to reach out or learn more about your business. In that case, consider designing the tablecloth with your website address or social media usernames. Be careful not to make the design cluttered with too many details, as that can distract people from understanding your promotional message.

Pick the right colours.

The background colour can influence the efficacy of the tablecloth’s branding capabilities. Avoid camouflage issues by choosing high contrasting colours from your logo as the background colour. Or you can play it safe by choosing a plain or black or white background, as most logos work on them.

Ensure consistency

Maintain the same colour scheme throughout your custom printed tablecloth and other marketing and promotional displays for effective branding. Consistency will help boost brand recognition and help people associate certain elements (i.e., colours, tagline, and logos) with your business.

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