Different Types of Exhibition Display Walls

July 31,2014

An eye-catching and informative display wall not only attracts potential customers’ attention but it’s also extremely helpful in creating brand recognition. These displays combine graphical design and color schemes to captivate their target audience and to enliven the stall area. Different displays are used for different purposes depending upon the area of stall, budget consideration and features of the product at display. Some of the commonly used display walls are discussed below.

Tabletop Display

As its name suggests, it is placed on the table available at the exhibition stall. It has a metal frame on which the graphic panels are placed with the help of fasteners or in some cases with the help of magnets. These are light-weight and provide high visibility.

Pop-up Displays

These types of displays have a retractable graphic panel, which is attached to a spring loaded roller. When needed to be used, the graphic panel is pulled up and fixed to a support situated at the back of the roller. Pop-up displays are highly portable and take minimal time for set up.

Pull-up Displays

This display comes with a retractable stand on which a graphical panel is mounted. When required, the graphical panel is pulled and the pull-up display is ready for use. It is different from a pop-up display in regards to size and cost. The pop-up displays are wider than the pull-up displays and are also relatively costlier. Pull-up banners are widely used as exhibition display walls because of their portability and cost-effectiveness.

Modular Exhibit

These make use of a standard structure which is then configured within the confines of the space allotted. It encompasses the entire allotted area. This display weighs almost half of the traditional exhibits and can be easily reconfigured for different locations.

Banner Stands

Banner stands have a single graphic panel supported by a standing frame. This may come with a retractable frame, detachable graphics or lights. It is portable and extremely lightweight as it comes with a single free standing panel.

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