Classic Wide Banner

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Size Finish QTY
1 2-4 5+
590 x 1600mm
Matt $265 + GST $250 + GST $235 + GST
Vinyl $280 + GST $265 + GST $250 + GST
840 x 2000mm
Matt $270 + GST $255 + GST $240 + GST
Vinyl $285 + GST $270 + GST $255 + GST
1190 x 2000 mm
Matt $310 + GST $295 + GST $270 + GST
Vinyl $330 + GST $325 + GST $310 + GST
1490 x 2000 mm Vinyl $425 + GST $410 + GST $395 + GST
2000 x 2000 mm Vinyl $600 + GST $575 + GST $560 + GST

Stylish Elegant Banner

Our Classic Wide Banner is stylish, elegant and one of our top selling banners. They are an effective promotional tool that can be used at trade shows, exhibitions, marketing events, and anywhere that you would like to draw attention to yourself or your product. The banners are stored in a neat cushioned carry bag, they are light weight and make transport and storage easy.

When ordering your retractable banner please allow 2-3 days for production plus shipping. If you require you roll up banner in a hurry PULL UP BANNERS AUSTRALIA 24 HOUR SERVICE IS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

High quality, photo grade graphics can be printed on 3 types of banner material. Over time, banners that sit in direct sunlight or displayed beneath a spotlights are more prone to fading. You would likely want to choose a long-lasting material.

Matt: 340 gsm SandTex finish Poly. This media is ideal for indoor use where a non-reflective finish is required, such as Photography, TV production or anywhere that bright lighting is used When printed it produces vibrant accurate colours to which a SandTex coating is applied that doesn’t impede the colour with little to no curl. One should Refrain from placing it in direct sun light or heat. Its UV resistant rating is 6 out of 10.

Vinyl: 440 gsm USB (Ultra Smooth Vinyl Banner). This media is ideal in all is waterproof very robust and has good wearing properties with no curl It’s printed with a UV ink that has a good resistance to direct sun light and heat with no curl. This is the industry‚Äôs premier media for pull up banners. Its UV resistant rating is 8 out of 10.

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