Bring Your Show-Stopping Counter Display Stands to Life

June 2,2023

In any exhibition or sales venture, you’re investing your time and resources, so it’s crucial to maximise returns while ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for potential customers. You need a compelling way to attract attention when arranging your display. Besides using signage like pull-up banners or feather flags, consider integrating a counter display stand that prominently features your business name or logo. A counter display stand also offers a dedicated space for customer interactions, product demonstrations, and other engaging activities to captivate your audience.

Fabric pop-Up counters

Fabric pop-up counters are a cost-effective and simple way to promote your brand in various settings, including trade shows, corporate functions, weddings, and retail environments. Simply expand the aluminium frame, attach the custom graphic wrap using the loop Velcro and hoop, and your counter is set up within minutes. The stand includes a built-in shelf and a wooden countertop for a polished finish.

Wide counter displays

If you require a broader space, wide counter display stands are also available. Their dimensions make them perfect for food and drink sampling or sales, presentations, promotions, and other events. With a reputable supplier, you can acquire a stylish, wide pop-up counter display stand with interlocking laminated shelves and a full-colour graphic wrap.

Design tips

Once you’ve selected an appropriate stand, the next step is to consider the design and printing. Trusted manufacturers and suppliers can assist you in designing eye-catching graphics and printing them in full colour, with a laminate for protection against damage.

To create a standout look, consider adding pull-out banners, a media backdrop, or banner flags to your display. You can conveniently source these from a single provider like us!

Order high-quality counter displays today.

At Pull Up Banners Australia, we specialise in crafting a wide array of affordable displays to help your business stand out. Contact us today, and we can start personalising your counter display stand and other promotional banners for your upcoming event.

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