Benefits of Using Printed Tablecloth as an Advertising Tool

May 7,2022

You already have appropriate signage or banners for your business to get people’s attention during an event. So why would you still need a printed tablecloth? Also known as custom table covers, these can help catch the eye of more people while improving your company’s image by giving your booth a more professional and polished finish.

Printed tablecloths won’t simply adorn your exhibit tables. They can make your company stand out and memorably present your business. That makes them better than plain tablecloths or leaving your table bare. Here are more benefits of using one as an advertising tool for your next event:

Make the right impression.

Leaving your exhibit table bare can make your booth look cluttered, especially with your things visible under the table. You can prevent that by covering your table with a printed tablecloth featuring your business name, logo, or custom design. The tablecloth will give your booth a clean and neat appearance to add more credibility and professional touch to your business. You can have yours made in your preferred style, such as throw, stretch, or fitted.

Keep your brand on top of people’s minds.

Printed tablecloths can feature your logo or business name and keep it consistently visible in your booth. When you have a potential customer or guest, they will keep seeing your business name or logo anywhere they look to encourage better recall.

Protect valuables

Are you placing things under the table? It’s common practice for businesses to store boxes, crates, brochures, and products under exhibit tables to keep them concealed from public view. A printed tablecloth can effectively hide them to prevent prying eyes from seeing them.


Reputable suppliers of custom printed tablecloths use durable materials like UV-resistant fabric and advanced printing methods to ensure long-lasting products you can keep reusing every event. Your printed tablecloth will make your brand stand out in any location while giving your selling or display area a professional and clean look.

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