Benefits of Mesh Banners for Melbourne’s Windy Climate

May 6,2023

If you live in Melbourne, you know how windy it can be during certain times of the year. An ordinary banner won’t survive for long even if you hang weights to prevent it from folding or flying off. Monitoring and maintaining the integrity of your banner during windy weather can be time-consuming and inconvenient, too. To avoid all these hassles, it’s time you switched to mesh banners in Melbourne.

Mesh banners feature breathable interlaced fabric or a weave that lets air flow through, making them perfect for outdoor displays. They hold up better than vinyl banners on windy days and generally have longer lifespans than fabric banners. Looking closely, you’ll notice the crisscross weaving makes the mesh a bit transparent. However, viewing the banner from afar still provides a full-colour, clear print with vibrant graphics and easy-to-read text. In addition, this feature makes them ideal as custom-printed site fences for construction sites.

Here are more reasons mesh banners are perfect for advertising and promotions in Melbourne.


Winds are among the enemies of outdoor banners because they make it challenging to read the message when the fabric is being blown around. Moreover, heavy winds can cause the banner to billow up and increase the risk of tearing.

Mesh banners are great for Melbourne because of their tiny holes that allow the winds to pass through. So, your message stays visible, and you don’t have to worry about damage when the banner is installed on a post, fence or any similar surface where the wind can easily pass.


Holes in the mesh banner make the entire installation lightweight. That means you can hang your mesh banner from lightweight vertical surfaces, like wire fences. This low-weight advantage also simplifies handling and storage.

Create an attractive aesthetic.

Mesh banners let some light through their holes, and while this can be problematic for light-coloured designs, it can result in an aesthetically pleasing backlit look. This way, your display appears more stunning when sunny.

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