Exhibition banner stands can really make or break your business or show.

Exhibition Banners

Exhibition banners can be called many things including roll up banners, pull up banners stands and pop up banners, but they can have a huge impact on your marketing needs if used effectively. They are a great tool for giving customers a brief insight into a products or service that your business may offer.

Having an exhibition banner stand is an inevitable part of a good advertising strategy, especially if a business owner represents his company at different events like tradeshows, seasonal fairs, presentations, exhibitions, sales and training courses. It is extremely important to create a nice first impression and every little detail plays a crucial role in a composite image of your company using exhibition banners.

These banner stands can really make or break your business or show, so always choose the best one for your exhibition.

They can help attract people to your stand, to discover what they are interested in, capture their data and follow them up. They can really strengthen brand awareness with the aim to increase the sales and business performance of your potential customers.

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Of course, lots of factors should be taken into consideration in order to get a banners which would meet all the requirements of your business. When buying an exhibition banners stand, think about its storage, transporting, installation, disassembling and lightweight which makes it easy to use.

Make sure your exhibition banner stand is flexible enough because it is the best option to choose a compact and flexible banner, but at the same time effective and eye catching. Make sure the material and graphics of your banner will not get damaged by moisture, dust or sunlight.



This year has been one of those years of testing different ideas and measuring their results.  We have looked a multiple facets of our organization in an attempt to make everything that we do more effective.  It has meant examining every aspect of what we do and how we do it in such a way to do one simple thing: better ourselves.

It hasn’t been easy.

It has meant letting go of some of our tried-and-true ways of doing things and really opening up to the possibility that there is a better way to operate our company.

Which is something that I have really struggled with.

But there have been some pretty significant victories as well.  One of the examples that I can think of off of the top of my head would be putting teardrop banners out on the boulevard in front of our shop.  We thought that they would be a way to catch the eyes of passing motorists and convince them to come into our shop.

We gave the teardrop banners a try and they worked.

We included a coupon code on the signs that anyone could use to save five percent off of their purchase if they read the banners as they drove by.  It was a smart way for us to measure the effectiveness of marketing with these teardrop banners, and it consistently drives sales for our business each and every week.

In fact, if you aren’t using teardrop banners to market your business, I think that you are really missing out.

teardrop banners



When I started my first business many years ago, I had this dream of being able to not only provide for myself and my future family, but for others in the community as well.  I always thought that having the means to give back was one of the main goals of starting out on my own, and for the last five years we have been able to make it a reality.  We started out small by doing selling hamburger lunches in the summer and a couple of years ago, we took things a little further and started an annual charity gala.

The first one was a big success.

Wedding Backdrop Walls

Since then, the event has grown and this year should be the biggest one yet.  We have everything lined up including a venue, entertainment, a wonderful caterer and other activities.  It is set to be one of our best events yet.

Media Backdrop Walls are Great for Weddings or any Event.

But one of the biggest additions that we have made to the event this year would be the addition of three media backdrop walls that are perfect for the guests of the gala to pose in front of and take their pictures to be shared on social media.  I know that I have posed in front of these types of walls at other events I have attended, and I am sure that it will be a big hit.

It is hard to believe that the gala is only a few weeks away – I can’t wait to see how much money we can raise for charities in the community!Media Wall



At this time of year we have a couple of teams out of the office hitting as many tradeshows as we can.  Tradeshows have always been an opportunity for us to increase public awareness of what our company does and serves as an effective means to get more customers.  It is a valuable way for us to drive business to our store and we take each show very seriously.

Adding a printed tablecloth has made a real difference

That wasn’t always the case.

When we were first starting out, we thought that slapping some products on our table at a tradeshow was enough of a presentation.  But we quickly learned that first impressions were key, and since then we have been tweaking our displays to make sure that we catch the eye of those passing our booth in an attempt to draw them in.

It is a continual work-in-progress.

One of the biggest tweaks that we have used this year with great results has been printed tablecloths.  We had some colourful ones created that showcase our logo.  It adds a certain professionalism to our booth and we have had some good feedback.  We are still testing whether the lighter or darker version works better and we’ll have a better idea after the last couple of tradeshows here in the spring.  Adding a printed tablecloth has made a real difference in the number of people that come up to our table at these shows and we have been able to increase the number of people coming to talk to us by over 20%.

It has been a real success.

Printed taqblecloth Melbourne


Generate attention, intrigue and new customers with the help of banners at commercial events

Complacency is a very notorious attribute that can easily set in if one has some sort of accomplishment to show. It drags you back and stops you from moving forward. This happens to individuals and has the ability to affect businesses as well. The tough competition in the market means that a business can never get complacent because the moment it becomes so, their rivals would snatch the ascendancy from it, which might be a difficult thing to regain. So, it is better from a business point of view that one keeps on coming with some kind of promotional strategy to always stay in the ascendancy. Banners have become quite popular of late as a promotional medium for businesses to use in various places, though their best use can be seen at a variety of business expos, fairs and exhibitions that regularly take place at prominent commercial centers of the world.spring1_7

Make sure that the content is intriguing enough, besides being attractive

These commercial events happen regularly and presence at such events could really bolster business to a great deal. But the mere presence will not help much, unless a business goes in with a promotional banner. Banners have the capacity to attract the passers-by on account of its charming design and intriguing content. Most of the businesses that make use of these banners only wish that their banners get seen because they are confident that upon seeing the banners, a good percentage of the audience will surely come to inquire about their offerings and services. This confidence stems from the intelligently created content that creates intrigue in the onlookers. So, it does not matter whether you are using banners in Melbourne or any other major commercial center of the world, they are made to garner attention and create intrigue in the onlookers, after which the sales people are on duty to duly turn them into customers.


Read on to know why vinyl banners are so popular among one and all

Businesses yearn for new customers and for that to happen, they are ready to make use of different promotional mediums. They are even wiling to spend a boatload of money on it, but there is one promotional medium which not only is very effective and sturdy but also comes in very cheap rates; that medium is vinyl banners. Devised on an all-weather material, vinyl, vinyl banners has gathered immense popularity all over the world for reasons that not only does it work but does that without making your wallet much lighter.
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Make your promotion worth it by employing pull up banners as your promotional tool

Promotion is essential; employees want a promotion as an acknowledgement of their hard work, dedication and commitment towards their employer, while businesses want to do as much (business) promotion as they can to bring home new customers on a regular basis. So, the term promotion holds a lot of importance. Business promotion is necessary both for employees as well as employers because when a business gathers more customers, promotion of the employees will automatically take place. Businesses employ a lot of promotional strategies in place, and most of them have been in use for a long time, which makes those somewhat redundant because freshness is very vital when it comes to business promotion. So, if you are in search of a fresh approach towards promotion, then making use of the pull up banners might prove to be helpful. They are fresh, attractive, cost-effective and can be used in a number of places that can help a business drive customers towards it.

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Outsmart and outdone your business rivals with help of pop up banners

The competition among businesses is very fierce these days with all of them making every bit of effort they could muster to go up in ascendancy over their rivals. Fierce promotion is a common theme because of the competition. On cue, the regular scheduling of business events gives them a perfect chance to stake the claim of being the best. There are a number of mediums through which a business could promote itself at such events but there is none better a medium than pop up banners. These banners are visually very pleasing which provides a business with a great chance to get seen. Not only will a business be seen, but with proper designing of the banner, a business could increase the chances of adding a few in its customers’ list.
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Make your presence felt at commercial events with teardrop banners

Get complacent and lag behind. This is what the businesses have turned into, where for a moment even, if a business becomes complacent, it might lag behind its rivals. This is why businesses remain in search for new ways to shore up their promotional strategies to attract new customers from all corners possible. In their quest, they barge into tear drop banners, which is proving to be quite a valuable promotional tool for businesses of all kinds. They seem a bit underrated as compared against much more illustrated promotional mediums but trust you me they are fully capable of providing businesses with increased business opportunities. There are a lot of reasons that make them a great promotional option which include their cost-effectiveness, strong visual appeal and easy transportability among many others. Continue reading


Employ Pull Up Banners and gain new customers without spending a fortune

Promotion is as important for a business as it is to manufacture supreme quality products and businesses know this very well. This is why they tend to splash quite a lot of money on the promotion front with fairly successful results, but if I tell you the same job can be done by spending lesser sum of money, then wouldn’t it inspire you to give a dash? Yes, pull up banners in Melbourne, Dubai or any other city possess the potential to provide businesses with the much needed promotional impetus without making their purse bleed profusely. They are cost-effective and more importantly, they are result oriented, which drives more customers to businesses- their ultimate aim.

They work well at corporate events
Pull up banners can be used in a number of ways but their best usage can be seen when they are employed as a chief promotional medium at various national and international level trade fairs, commercial exhibitions, business shows and expos. Usually at such events, things move pretty fast which reduces the visibility factor to a great extent for businesses especially small sized ones. They generally have only a few seconds to make an impression upon the onlookers and pull up banners help them to make those few seconds count and translate that little time into a few minutes of conversion, eventually ending with the onlooker as the customer.

Choosing a professional banner printing company is mandatory

Pull up banners, as said earlier, are quite cheap and fit in perfectly within one’s budget. The kind of impact they can make is of far superior significance than a few dollars that more or less renders their pricing as insignificant but still it is inexpensive when compared against other costly promotional mediums, which is why businesses are making pull up banners as part of their promotional armoury. Choosing a professional company to devise a pull up banner is mandatory because only a professional company has the skilled designers and personnel to bring out an exceptionally attractive banner for a business. So, for best results, always choose a profesisonal company.